Vesna hostel: rooms and prices.

Our most expensive room has the price which is several times lower than the price in Moscow and even regional hotels.

The female room for four women will cost only 950 Rub/night for every guest. For Moscow measures the price is extremely low.

An accommodation in eight person female room will cost only 800 Rubles.

The ten person mixed room will cost only 700 Rub/night for every guest.

Living in the most bigger room for 12 persons will cost only 500 Rubles for a guest.

The kitchen is fully furnished with a modern equipment.

You can watch over a hundred satellite TV channels and also you can spend your time reading in our rest room. In any moment you can use laundry and also iron goods. Certainly, the hair dryer is available.

We added the intention “qualitative”, “cozy” and “just great” in a usual phrase “Low priced hostel” not just in words. We made all but impossible for a maximum guests comfort. People stay ours and in the next time of visiting the capital returns to “Vesna” as a good friends.

We are proud of it. We are glad that we made staying in Moscow is a pleasure, whereof tells the comments of our guests.

We have next rooms:

4 Bed Female only room 950 Rub.
8 Bed Female only room 800 Rub.
10 Bed Mixed room 700 Rub.
12 Bed Mixed room 500 Rub.

We have extra beds for groups for a 400 rub/night

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Дешевый хостел
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Ванная комната в дешевом хостеле
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